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Clients who join us for the FUN in a SAFE Training environment is guaranteed to be satisfied and feel that they have reached a marksman level.

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Not sure if you comply with the new firearm Act criteria and regulations?

We offer expert advice on all firearm applications, renewals, competency requirements, motivation letters and more.

Do any of the below apply to you?
An individual requiring a firearm license (new or renewal application).
An individual requiring competency certificate (new, renewal or additional application).
An individual requiring a dedicated hunting or sport shooting status.
A company who needs to be accredited to possess firearms.
“Unauthorised” holder of a firearm (inherited, safe keeping).
Executor of a deceased estate that contains firearms.
Waiting excessivley long periods to have your application approved.
Your application has been declined and you're not sure why.
Need to lodge an appeal for your declined application.
Want to avoid the frustration and complexity of the application process.
We take the confusion out of the process for first time applications, renewal and reapplications. We also help with motivations and documentation requirements.